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Private Duty Planning & Coaching

Growing Your Private Duty Home Care Business

Private Duty Home Care … or Non-medical Home Care … is the fastest growing segment of health care in America.  Competition is growing.  If you want to grow your private duty home care business, you need to bring in the industry’s leading experts … Stephen Tweed and the Leading Home Care team. 

Stephen Tweed, Private Duty Home Care ConsultantPrivate Duty Home Care Consultant and Coach, Stephen Tweed

Stephen Tweed, CEO of Leading Home Care, wrote the book on Private Duty Home Care marketing and business development … literally.

Stephen, and his co-author Michael Sullivan, wrote the book, Increase Your Income Selling to Bank Trust Officers and Other Trusted Advisors

He’s also the co-author of two new e-books for growing your private duty home care business, both being published this fall.

  • Capture the Caller: Turning Referrals into Admissions in Private Duty Home Care, with Barbara Akst

  • Get the Best: The 9-Step Process for Hiring Quality Caregivers and Improving Your Bottom Line in Private Duty Home Care, with Leigh Davis.

Stephen has been providing strategies and insights for Private Duty Home Care for over 20 years.

Stephen Tweed, CSPStephen Tweed was the opening keynote speaker at the very first Private Duty Boot Camp sponsored by Home Health Line.  He spoke at the first five Private Duty Advanced Training programs sponsored by Private Duty Insider.  Stephen was the opening keynote speaker at the first two national conventions for the National Private Duty Association, and he facilitated their first Board of Directors Strategic Planning Session. Stephen has been a frequent speaker at the Private Duty Home Care Association.  Stephen is the publisher of Private Duty Today, the leading electronic newsletter for owners, CEOs, and administrators of private duty home care companies.  Stephen and his son, Jason, have led the industry in conducting research on the top referral sources and the top marketing techniques in Private Duty Home Care. 

If you want to grow your business and get ready for the future, you’ll want to work with Stephen Tweed and his Leading Home Care team. 

Six Steps of Private Duty Planning and Coaching

The Private Duty Planning and Coaching Process at Leading Home Care has six key elements:

  • Assessment - Determining the strategic position your Private Duty company now holds in the marketplace. Identify your key competitors and referral sources.

  • Direction - Create focus and direction for your company with an emphasis on growth. Using our unique data collection and presentation process, we will help you focus in specifically on the most likely sources of referrals in your marketplace.

  • Competitive Advantage - Separate your company from its competitors, position your agency for growth, and communicate your unique factors to your customers. Define what makes your home care company unique, and build that differentiation into your marketing message.

  • Marketing Strategies – Define specifically how you will get your marketing message out to your key customers and referral sources. Write business building copy for your marketing materials. Explore Leading Home Care’s newly created Web-Centric Marketing and Recruiting Process.

  • Measurement - Define the numerical indicators of your success, develop a Private Duty Dashboard to measure your progress and demonstrate those measurable results.

  • Implementation – Receive ongoing coaching support from Stephen Tweed and his team over the next six months to guide you through the implementation of your Private Duty business plan.

Each Private Duty Home Care business plan is based on a solid, proven model that we have been using with home care companies since 1982. Then we customize the process to make sure it fits the size, shape, depth and breadth of your home care company.

Your process begins with an assessment of your current business. Then we’ll lead you through a one day planning session, either in your office or at our location in Louisville, KY. We’ll follow up with you to keep you on track with six months of telephone coaching. The result will be measurable growth of your Private Duty Home Care Business.

If you are a Private Duty Home Care executive who wants to grow your business and get ready for the future, then you’ll want to set up a personal telephone conversation with Stephen Tweed to discuss your exact needs. Together, you and Stephen can tailor this process to your exact specifications.

The result will be a Private Duty planning and coaching experience designed to take you and your company into the future.

If you are just starting your business, please click here. If your agency is 3 years or older and you are looking for strategic help in taking your business to the next level, call 1-866-209-5101 and ask about scheduling a free 20-minute phone appointment with Stephen Tweed.

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