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New Directions™ Policies and Procedures Manual for Private Duty Non-Medical Home Care Companies

Starting-up or Re-defining Your Business Policies and Procedures

Available exclusively at Leading Home Care

Policies and procedures manual for home health care companiesNeed a set of policies and procedures to start or grow your non-medical private duty home care business? Need a template to update your policies, procedures, employee handbook, client charts, intake forms, employment application, and employee orientation? Everything you need is here in one single manual. This jumbo binder contains all of the information you need to start and grow your private duty home care business.

This manual contains over 100 private duty specific forms, policies, and procedures including:

  • Administration and Office Management (11 items)

  • Documentation and Record Keeping (19 items)

  • In-Service Education (3 items)

  • Finance (6 items)

  • Legal Issues (6 items)

  • Human Resources (39 items)

  • Marketing (7 items)

  • Quality Assurance and Risk Management (8 items)

It's your entire non-medical and private pay home care business in one binder. Whether you are just starting out, or re-defining your procedures, you will see savings well in excess of the $1495.00 purchase price in a very short time.

FREE BONUS Each manual includes a CD-ROM with every form and file ready to customize for your business.  All forms, policies, and procedures can be updated easily using any word processor such as Microsoft Word

Read through the contents of this manual below and you will find that the amount of time that you will save by having everything you need all in one place, is well worth the purchase price of $1,495.00

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Private duty home care policies and procedures

New Directions™ Policies and Procedures Manual

Complete Table of Contents

This large manual includes all the information needed to manage a private duty/private pay homecare and staffing agency in an easy-to-use 3-ring format. The following overviews describe the contents of each chapter.

Administration & Office Management

The information included in the Administration and Office Management chapter is used to establish the foundation for operational control and management of the agency. The administrator is responsible for the planning process and the on-going management of the agency. The office staff is responsible for the efficient control and continuous update of the scheduling process, and monitoring the time and cost of providing care for each client.

Forms, Policies & Procedures included:

  • Red Flag Rule

  • Emergency Management Plan

  • Organizational Charts

  • Sample Vision Statements

  • Business Plan Outline

  • Business Process Chart

  • Business Process Outline

  • Staff Meeting Agenda

  • Task Sheet (Reminder of Things-To-Do)

  • Office Staff Expense Record

  • On-Call Report

  • Client Monthly Calendar

  • Employee Schedule Calendar

Documentation & Record Keeping

The forms in the Documentation and Record Keeping chapter are designed to record and monitor a client's individualized care. The record begins when care is requested and continues until the client is discharged. The forms are used to establish, monitor, record and modify the client's care as needed, throughout the time the client receives care or service from the agency.

Forms, Policies & Procedures included:

  • Request for Service

  • Client Assessment

  • Client Care Plan - Nursing

  • Client Care Plan - Home Health Aide

  • Client Care Plan - Homemaker/Companion

  • Changes to Care Plan

  • Client Care Record - Nursing

  • Client Care Record - Home Health Aide

  • Client Care Record - Homemaker/Companion

  • Client Care Record - Instructions

  • Observation Guidelines for Home Care Employees

  • Supervisory Clinical Nursing Note

  • Communication Sheet

  • Physician Plan of Treatment / Physician Notification

  • Physician's Interim Orders

  • Kardex for Physician's Orders

  • Standing Order, Adult Routine

  • Letter to Physician Requesting Standing Order

  • Diabetic Flow Sheet


The information included in the Education chapter is used to enhance the educational programs that can be used to continually educate the agency's employees:

Forms, Policies & Procedures included:

  • In-Service Education Topics for Training Programs

  • Program Evaluation

  • Tips for Listening


The information in the Finance chapter is used to guide and control the financial operations of the agency. The assorted data gives guidance to business planning and management.

Forms, Policies & Procedures included:

  • Billing Rates, Calculating

  • Billing Rates, Establishing

  • Collection Letters for Overdue Accounts

  • Expense Record, Office Staff

  • Start-up Expenses Worksheet

  • Tax Filing Requirements - Federal

Legal Issues

The agreements included in the Legal Issues chapter are designed define the services and responsibilities of the agency and the responsibilities of those who are a party to the agreements. The documents also establish and protect the clients' rights during the time that they receive care or service.

Forms, Policies & Procedure included:

  • Advance Directive for Health Care

  • Abuse and/or Neglect Evaluation

  • Client Bill of Rights

  • Service Agreement (Between agency and client)

  • Agreement, Home Care Staffing (Supplemental staffing between agencies)

  • Agreement, Private Duty Services in Long Term Care Facilities

Human Resources

The forms included in the Human Resources chapter are used to assure competent staff to meet the needs of the clients served by the agency. Staff competence is evaluated at the time of hiring and maintained by one-on-one instruction by qualified personnel for specific knowledge or skills when necessary. The agency also provides staff self-development and learning through in-service educational opportunities covered in the Education chapter. The agency must have a sufficient number of qualified staff to meet the needs of our clients.

Forms, Policies & Procedures included:

  • New Employee Application Outline

  • Employment Application

  • Interview Questions

  • Reference Request, Confidential

  • Assessment Skills/Competency Evaluation - HHA/NA

  • Assessment Test - HHA

  • Assessment Test Answer Sheet - HHA

  • Assessment Test - HHA - Correct Answers

  • Availability Form

  • Orientation Outline, New Employee

  • Orientation Checklist

  • W-4 (sample)

  • I-9 (sample)

  • Criminal Record Check (sample)

  • Child Abuse History Clearance

  • Health Statement

  • Hepatitis Vaccine Consent Form

  • Advance Directive Choice Form

  • Agreement to Standards

  • Infection Control Guidelines - signed

  • Appeal Process - Employee

  • License Verification - Nursing

  • Job Description - Account/Payroll Manager

  • Job Description - Administrator

  • Job Description - Client Service Representative

  • Job Description - Director of Nursing

  • Job Description - Human Resources Manager

  • Job Description - Marketing Director

  • Job Description - "On-Call" Coordinator

  • Job Description - Operations Manager

  • Job Description - RN (field staff)

  • Job Description - LPN/LVN (field staff)

  • Job Description - Certified HHA

  • Job Description - Homemaker/Companion

  • Performance Review Questionnaire

  • Performance Evaluations - Corresponding to each position

  • Performance Evaluations - Field Staff

  • Mileage Report

  • Time Slip

  • Emergency Management Plan

  • Red Flag Rules


The information in the Marketing chapter provide basic forms, samples and outlines that your marketing team will use frequently.

Forms, Policies & Procedures included:

  • Competitor's Profile

  • Marketing / Advertising Tips

  • Marketing Plan

  • Marketing Sales Report

  • New Service Introduction - Sample letter #1

  • New Service Introduction - Sample letter #2

  • Brochure - Sample

Quality Assurance & Risk Management

The forms included in the Quality Assurance & Risk Management chapter assist the agency to evaluate and monitor its own performance and control disease and injury risks. Using the survey results, the agency can create new policies, design new programs and set performance standards. The infection control guidelines are based on criteria published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and are designed to prevent disease and infection. However, if a client or an employee develops an infection, the agency can monitor the condition.

Employee incidents can be monitored to investigate and correct problems quickly and to improve employee performance.

Forms, Policies & Procedures included:

  • Client Satisfaction Survey

  • Evaluation, Staff Relief

  • Employee Incident / Counseling Report

  • Infection Control Guidelines - Employee's Acknowledgement

  • Infection Control Guidelines - Client's Chart

  • Infection Control: Surveillance - Identification - Control

  • Injury Report, Employee

  • Tracking Report

Thanks again for your interest in the most complete non-medical and private duty home care policies and procedures manual available today. 

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Title: New Directions™ Policies and Procedures Manual for Private Duty Non-Medical Home Care Companies

Author: Kathleen Bailey

Publisher: Private Duty Solutions, Inc.

Format: 3-Ring Binder with CD-ROM accessories

Price: $1495.00

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