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The Private Duty Home Care Bookstore and Toolbox

Home Health Care Marketing BooksPrivate Duty Today publishes some of the most influential trade publications for non-medical home care companies.  Our guides and manuals share real world techniques from leaders in our industry.

Additionally, our toolbox is filled with downloadable tools that make your business run smoother and help you gather critical information in an easily digestible format.

Books and CDs

Capture the Caller:  Turning Inquiries into Admissions in Private Duty Home Care

This 96 page e-Book offers a detailed description of the step-by-step process that your home care team can use to turn callers into clients. Help your caller decide immediately – as soon as you answer the phone – that your home care company is right for them
Get the Best: Nine Steps to Hiring Quality Caregivers and Improving your Bottom Line in Private Duty Home Care

In this 82 page E-Book you will discover the latest behavior and attitude assessment technology based on more than 30 years of first hand experience? From this comes the necessary tools which will help you create a private duty caregiver recruitment, selection and retention system.
Marketing to Die For... Without Killing Your Budget

Marketing to Die For... Without Killing Your Budget

In this marketing focused e-Book a mother-daughter team, Angela Landmesser and Patricia Menoni share with you how they grew their Private Duty business from zero to $3.5 million in less than four years.  Learn how to use their success to create your own. 


Increase Your Income Selling to Bank Trust Officers and Other Trusted Advisors

Together, Michael Sullivan and Stephen Tweed have created a plan of attack to penetrate the big money world of Bank Trust Officers and Other Trusted Advisors. Using the Seven Step Relationship Selling Process, they demonstrate how to identify and reach out to the gatekeepers of wealthy families capable of purchasing private pay home care.

Free Bonus: Audio CD Interview with the Authors


Top 10 Techniques Of Home Health Care Marketers

The Top Ten Techniques of Highly Effective Home Care Marketers

After compiling the statistics and data from 177 home care executives who completed their in-depth survey, Stephen Tweed and Jason Tweed are able to offer you the top ten proven techniques that grow businesses.


Home Care Policies and Procedures Manual

New Directions™ Policies and Procedures Manual for Private Duty Non-Medical Home Care Companies

Need a template to update your policies, procedures, employee handbook, client charts, intake forms, employment application, and employee orientation? Everything you need is here in one single manual. This jumbo binder contains all of the information you need to start and grow your private duty home care business.



Downloadable E-tools

The following tools require Microsoft Excel and/or Adobe PDF Reader.

Private Duty Home Care Strategic Scorecard

Private Duty Home Care Strategic Scorecard

What if every critical statistic you need for quality decision making could be found on a single sheet of paper?  Now it can.

Owners of private duty companies can make better decisions with more relevant data.  This scorecard allows you to pull the most critical numbers to your success together and compare them in meaningful ways.


Caregiver Staffing Scorecard

Caregiver Recruitment, Selection, and Retention Scorecard

How much does it cost you to recruit qualified caregivers?

Is it cheaper to recruit someone new, or invest more in retention?

How much should you spend on recruiting, hiring, orientation, and bonuses, etc.?


Home Care Billing Rates Calculator

Home Care Billing Rates Calculator

Most struggling home care companies don't charge enough for their services.  Our experience is that private pay home care is not an area where pricing grants competitive advantage.  What should you be charging?  When should you raise rates as your costs go up? 

This calculator allows you to find profitable rates using two different methods.


Lost Revenue Calculator

Lost Opportunity Cost Calculator

What does it cost you to lose a case because you couldn’t close the sale, or because you couldn’t staff the case?  What do these lost opportunities really cost you. 

This Lost Opportunity Cost Calculator is a handy, easy-to-use tool that will help you analyze your business and get a clear handle on how much you are really losing from ineffective selling and poor staffing.


Discretionary Income Scorecard

Owners' Discretionary Income Scorecard

How much is your business really worth to you?  There is more value to owning a home care business than the total at the bottom of an income statement.  This scorecard examines the benefits that go beyond taxable income.

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