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Caregiver Quality Assurance

The Caregiver Quality Assurance process is designed to help you recruit and select the very best caregivers and create competitive advantage in the marketplace by promoting your CQACertification

The process begins with a unique, home-care-specific Caregiver Pre-employment Assessment.  Then you can apply the 9-Step Caregiver Selection Process.  And finally, use the results of this exceptional selection process to differentiate your home care company in the marketplace. 

The Caregiver Pre-Employment Assessment System

Many industries are using pre-employment assessments to qualify and quantify critical measures with their most important employees. With non-medical caregivers this technology has been out of reach... until now.

Leading Home Care ...a Tweed Jeffries company is offering the most technologically advanced system for pre-employment evaluation of companions, home health aides, and certified nurse aides available today.

The pre-employment assessment system can help you grow your business by:

Finally, it will reduce the #1 cause of sleepless nights for CEOs, problems resulting from a poor hiring choice.

To learn more about the many benefits of the pre-employment assessment and the CQA program, visit www.caregiverquality.com.

If you're ready to make smarter hiring decisions, improve staffing efficiency and effectiveness, and differentiate your company in the marketplace click here to request your free demo.